Sunday, January 29, 2012

Cakes of the week!

The winter is usually a little slow for me but now that spring is just around the corner, I'm starting to get in quite a few cake orders. Now that I'll have new cakes to do, I'd like to take the opportunity to share them with you. At the end of each week, I'll post that weeks cakes. This week it will only be one cake.
And next week it will also only be one cake. I do have quite a few orders but they are mostly cupcakes right now. But on February 12th, there will be 4 cakes! Note: I said ON February 12th; not for the week of February 12th. That's right, 4 cakes to be delivered on one day. And because I don't like to pre-bake my cakes, it will be B.U.S.Y. in my house that Thursday and Friday with baking and Friday and Saturday with decorating.
For now, I'll leave you with this week's cake: Tinkerbell

It is 100% edible...well except for the candle. What do you think?

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