Monday, January 14, 2013

Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Cupcakes

Wow! It has been crazy busy the last few months plus my computer crashed so I haven't been able to make any posts but boy do I have a LOT of recipes to start sharing! Today's recipe is a brand new one but it was so delicious I just had to share!
Chocolate cake with a raspberry white chocolate buttercream filling and swirl on top and then topped with a swirl of whipped chocolate ganache. Decadent to say the least!

Chocolate Cake:
Make your favorite chocolate cupcake recipe. Personally I'm a fan of Hersheys's Perfectly Chocolate Cake recipe but by all means you can also just use a box of Betty Crocker cake mix.

Raspberry White Chocolate Buttercream:
1 lb frozen raspberries, thawed
8 oz white chocolate, melted
1 c butter, softened
1 c powdered sugar

Puree raspberries in food processor. Strain through a mesh collander to remove as many seeds as possible. Measure 2/3 c of the raspberry juice. Put the raspberry 'juice' in your mixing bowl. Add the white chocolate and mix until combined. Add sugar and mix on low. With your mixer on low, slowly add the butter little by little. Whip until light and fluffy.

Whipped Chocolate Ganache:
8 oz high quality chocolate (I use Ghirardelli chocolate chips)
1 c heavy cream

Place chocolate chips in your mixing bowl. Heat cream on the stove until simmering. Pour over chocolate and stir until chocolate is melted. Let sit until it thickens to a peanut butter consistency then whip.

To assemble: Core chocolate cupcakes (an apple corer works great!). Fill each cupcake with the raspberry white chocolate buttercream and make one swirl of buttercream on top. Then top cupcakes with swirls of the whipped chocolate ganache.