Thursday, October 28, 2010

Minnie Mouse party

What a busy two months it has been! Cakes left and right plus all kinds of activities for the kids. I meant to post this party stuff earlier but I just never had the time. I was asked by a friend who claims to be craft-defficient, to hep with her daughter's birthday party. I left my camera at home on the day of the party but I did manage to get pics of all the favors, decorations, and cake.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Lightning McQueen Party Invitations

For those that don't know, Logan is my nephew and he is turning 2 this year. My sister's original plan was to do nothing at all. Well, I just can't have that! So I volunteered myself to put together a party for him and on only two weeks time. Eek! When I plan parties, I generally start months in advance so this is really putting the pressure on but you know what they say..."No pressure; no diamonds"
When kids are this young its really hard to pick out their favorite thing because 1) they can't communicate with you what they want and 2) they are usually interested in SO many different things. I guess coming at this from an outside view, planning the party is easier there. I don't know everything he likes but I do know what he likes when he comes to my house: Lightning McQueen!