Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Seuss-tastic Birthday!

When our youngest daughter turned 2, we threw a huge Dr. Seuss themed party for her. It wasn't really "huge" because we went all out and spared no expense. It was huge because we have 50ish family and immediate friends that we invite to our get togethers. My husband has 7 immediate brothers and sisters, who {mostly} each have several children, plus I don't know how many half brothers/sisters and step brothers/sisters. It's really confusing and after 7 years of marriage, I still don't know them all.

I'm not positive how I developed the Seuss theme but I'm fairly certain it started with the books. I thought it'd be really cute to have a book party but I wanted it to be a little more themed than just books. I scoured the web and happened upon two great blogs: So Wonderful So Marvelous and Annie's Eats. They each have adorable Dr. Seuss parties in their archives. I absolutely loved the invite that Michelle over at SWSM:


Unfortunately, it was just a little to pricey for me to be able to afford the 30+ invites that we needed and I didn't feel like undertaking that big of a project just for the invites. But I still came up with a pretty cute invite (if I do say so myself!):

I wound up using great ideas from both Michelle and Annie. Be sure to check out their blog posts here and here, respectively. Here are the photos from our party:

The Food!


The Goodie Bags!

Finishing Touches: Matching Outfits!

I had my boys dress up as Thing 1 and Thing 2.

And a special guest appearance!

With the obvious exception of the matching game, everything was hand made. I used iron on transfers to make the outfits for my boys; I used felt and a black sweats outfit to make The Cat In The Hat; I used iron on transfers to make the canvas goodie bags; I found a jpeg image of a Dr. Seuss "Thank You" and made my own candy favor bags; I drew the 'Pin The Hat On The Cat' (with help from a projector and transparencies!) get the idea. 
The food included: Green Eggs & Ham (Sandwiches), Roast Beast (Sandwiches), A bowl of goldfish crackers, baklava, tiramisu, cake balls...anything that sounded wacky or could be given a wacky nickname: it was there!
For drinks we had "Beezlenut Splash" (Tea), Pink Yink Ink Drink (Pink Lemonade), and little juice containers aptly named Seuss Juice.
Activities included print out color sheets, oobleck, pin the hat on the cat, and a reading corner (I was able to score some awesome deals on Seuss themed back to school items). I also had my two "Things" form two relay teams. They each ran around the room making a mess and their teammates had to chase after them, cleaning up. Once all of the excitement died down, my husband headed to the bathroom to prepare himself. I tell you, we are so lucky that he is so willing to go all out for his children! We even reused his "costume" for Dr. Seuss week at school and he went around to all the classes and read books.

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