Sunday, February 12, 2012

Cakes of the Week

This week was a busy week! I had a total of 4 cake orders, which wouldn't be too bad...but wait until you see one of the cakes! On top of those 4 cakes, our church is having their Valentine's Day fellowship today and I signed up to make some desserts. Plus, my weekly Blessing "Basket". And then yesterday, my husband announced, "I think I need a cake for Sunday." A total of 8 cakes!!! Here they are!

There were two tiramisu cakes and the chocolate truffle cheesecake. One cake is not pictured here because it had already been picked up:

I am not enlarging these last two pics. Can you spot the 3 differences? My daughter "helped" decorate the cake...while I took a shower. But I can't be too mad at her...she's only 4. Future cake decorator?

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