Tuesday, November 29, 2011

This weekend's preview!

Naturally, as soon as I decide to start spending more time blogging my cake adventures, I get sick and can't get  out of bed for two days. I vow to never-ever go back into my basement again...or at least until after I'm over this and have been healthy for a while. Confused? Let me sum it up: I'm allergic to cleaning.
Okay, that might sound a little extreme but really, that's how it feels. I have no problem doing the little, everyday chores like dishes or laundry or putting toys away. My problem comes when I decide I need to deep clean. So we figured that I am highly allergic to dust.
Which 1) is not a good thing considering the house we live in is 80 years old and you can't keep dust away and 2) makes it really confusing why I got sick this time. I didn't dust anything, I didn't have a cleaning spree in the basement. All I did was sort through a few totes of toys that we had taken out of the kids room (because they couldn't keep them picked up) to toss out the broken ones. Really, that's all I did. I sat down for 30 minutes with my husband and sorted through toys. And spent the next two days with no voice and a terrible sinus migraine in bed. I don't understand it! Maybe I should just give up on trying to get things accomplished around here. Luckily, I have a great husband who understands and he doesn't mind doing the deep down, dirty cleaning.

On to this weekend's preview. Unfortunately, no cupcakes so I can't show any tutorials on those...or can I? I guess we'll have to see how much extra cake batter I have. What I do have this weekend is two birthday cakes. One is a Dora cake:
Which should look something like this. A basic, but what looks to be a bit time consuming, FBCT. To see how to use this method check out my FBCT post here.
The other cake request was for a princess castle cake. That was a pretty basic request and wasn't sure how grand they wanted it. It could be very simple or VERY complex. The look we are going for is this:

And here are the "tools" we'll use to accomplish that:

Lucky for me, because I'm still under the weather, both cakes will be relatively easy to make.

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